JavaScript Utility Suite

JavaScript Utility Suite

JavaScript Utility Suite includes five JavaScript utilities in one application
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JavaScript Utility Suite includes five JavaScript utilities in a single application: a dropdown menu maker, a popup maker, a slide show maker a mouseover button maker and a JavaScript editor.
With these five JavaScript code makers, any user can create the necessary menus, slideshows, etc. to be included into a web page, without needing any programming knowledge.

User selects what to create, out of these utilities, then defines the font size, color, style, and decoration, forward and background colors for dropdown menu, etc. and the application generates the corresponding code that can be copy and pasted to the desired web page. That's all.

The useful MouseOver Button tool, helps to create the changing effect when mouse passes over the button.

The slide show maker helps user to create a visual presentation consisting of different pictures.

In all the utilities, the program generates the needed code without the user intervention.

Tutorials are included in the application for every utility to guide step by step the user to accomplish the desired task.

Ignacio Solves
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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • Very small and useful application


  • The generated code can't be saved for other pages
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